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Hello! Not an alumni, but a new student at the school. I just moved up here all the way from Arizona. It's cold here. Okay.

I'll be starting at Wayzata High School as soon as the winter break is up, and I just have a few questions:

1) What's the school itself like? Is it indoors or outdoors?

2) Are there lockers to store winter coats and stuff, or do you just have to shove it all in your backpack?

3) How good are the academic teams (Mock Trial, Quiz Bowl, etc.)?

4) Are the students in general nice or mean? I know the culture here is different from AZ.

5) At my old school we just recently gained "Young Republicans" and "Democrats of America" clubs. The school was pretty much evenly split between the two, so the average person had both liberal and conservative friends. Is it the same here, or do people of the same views tend to group together more? Is that one politics club worth joining?

6) Do you like the block-schedule? My old school was a traditional schedule and I had trouble enough holding my attention for 53 minutes, let alone 90.

7) Do people make fun of the Trojan thing?

Thanks, you guys! I hope my next two-and-a-half years here will be spiffy!
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