Meg (elvenartistm) wrote in wayzata_alumni,

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First Post by the Mod!

Hey everyone who might read this! I just set up this community. Hopefully, people will find it and join! I hope it ends up connecting other WHS alums with their old high school friends/crushes/whatever ;-)
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Hey, I'm glad you started this. I also saw the Hopkins community and thought there should be one for Wayzata, but I guess I wasn't ambitious enough to do anything about it. I'm glad someone was! :-)
Yay! Thanks! You are my first member and deserve a prize.
June here!!
just like to shout out to all thems peeps in DA HOUSE
I'm not going to be in Minnesota for much longer as soon as the damn government decides to give me back my passport i'm out of here.
I promise to keep in touch and to update photos of what i'm doing in Korea.

Hope to see comments from everyone soon.

I'm going to post because I'm a psuedo-alumni, anyway...Not to mention I'm friends with all ya'll...
Hey you! Join, you did go to Wayzata schools for the most part, silly.
so i did k-10 at wayzata (greenwood, central, etc.) do i get the opportunity to participate?
For sure! Join up.