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Hello everyone. I am a not a Wayzata grad, because I am not from Wayzata. K, you are probably going, why is she here then? I am here because my father teaches in Wayzata at Central Middle School. Some of you may have had him before, but he is Bob Meinke. I am his daughter, Katie. Some of you may have seen my picture many times in his classroom. Well, just wanted to to introduce myself. I'm Mr. Meinke's daughther, Katie.
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Hi Katie! I had your dad once, back in the day. Welcome to the community!
Hi, and thank you! When was back in the day for you? (When he was at West or still at Central?)
kinda late.. but that cool.. i don't go to central.. but i go to east right now.. and i just found this.. but i'll be at the high school in 05

I had Mr. Meinke back in 8th grade (I'm 24 now.) Crazy! I remember him talking about his little girl a lot, too...
Woot. That's awesome!
That's me (his) little girl) he was talking about.